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Are you worried that the kids and pets receive more attention than your marriage?

Do you give more time and affection to your grandchildren than you do your mate?

Are you too tired at the end of the day to emotionally connect with your wife?

Are you afraid that your husband/wife is closer to the extended family than to you?

Are you stressed that your social activities have taken priority over your marriage?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you may want to consider taking the time to:

  1. Learn how to balance your marriage and family more…

    Tools to Balance Your Time and Energy in Your Marriage

    The value of marriage counseling in Omaha for couples in a state of confusion and frustration can’t be overstated. With the right help, you can learn specific strategies that you can put into practice right away to bring a healthy balance to your life and marriage.

    Successfully used by couples across the country, the strategies Tim teaches are practical and immediately useful, not theoretical. Commit to mastering these skills and you can truthfully say, “I put my marriage first.”


  2. See the benefits of putting My Marriage First more…

    Put Your Marriage First

    Invest in happiness for you and your spouse. Learn how to put your marriage first in your life.
    When you give it time and attention, your marriage becomes a source of support, nurturing, joy and fulfillment.

    Too Little Time, Too Many Activities

    Life gets busy and you get pulled in too many directions. One day you look around and discover the kids and the pets are getting more attention than your marriage. After a long day working in the office or in the home, it simply takes too much energy to connect on an emotional level with your spouse. You notice that time for your hobbies, social life and even your fitness regime take priority over time for your marriage.

    When your wife complains that you are closer to brothers, sisters, cousins, all the extended family than you are to her it is a sure indicator of problems. If your husband shows signs of hurt because he feels you give more time and affection to the grandkids than to him, this is a warning sign of trouble in your marriage.


Tim Robbins has spent over 30 years helping people see the importance of putting their marriage first so they can enjoy each other and their relationship. Learning different ways to contribute to your marriage is the best investment for your future.

Tim offers couples strategies to:

  • Learn to put your marriage first.
  • Discover each others’ love language.
  • Learn the top five emotional needs for both men and women. more…

    Feeling Loved and Important

    The key to a successful, nurturing marriage is creating an environment where each spouse feels loved and important. In his marriage counseling, Tim teaches clear-cut tools to do just that.

    It all starts by discovering each other’s love language and five essential emotional needs. Every person, man and woman, needs to hear the right words and get their emotional needs met in order for effective communication and connection to happen.

    Tim will help each of you acknowledge your core emotional fears, learn what triggers them in each other and discover and practice appropriate ways to respond.

    Find out how to calm each other’s fears, not make them worse, by understanding key ways to talk to each other, in a loving, direct fashion. Arguments occur in every marriage. Tim will teach you how to fight fair, to clear the air, and avoid lingering anger and resentment.


  • Acknowledge core fears, see what triggers them and learn ways to respond.
  • Explore different ways to talk to each other.
  • Understand setting boundaries and fighting fair. more…


    Boundaries are essential for two people who are committed to each other. When limits are firmly in place, couples can communicate and show affection easily and often.

    Tim will teach you the importance and the most effective ways of setting boundaries without causing your spouse to feel threatened or pushed away. You can get on with the critical job of co-parenting your children instead of wasting energy trying to parent each other.


  • Co-parent children and stop parenting each other.

Tim offers individuals:

  • Strategies for coping with anxiety and phobias
  • The process of thought stopping
  • Dealing with panic attacks
  • Hope for depression and mood swings
  • Coping with grief and traumatic experiences
  • Stress Reduction more…

    Dealing with Stress

    So many of us lead complicated, busy lives filled with stress. A person trying to deal with daily tension can’t concentrate on the needs of the marriage. By teaching you stress reduction techniques that really work, Tim will help you to focus on your spouse and make better decisions.


  • Decision making
  • Adjustment problems
  • Spiritual concerns more…

    Treat the Whole Person

    Each person in a marriage has individual and spiritual needs, fears and emotions that must be managed effectively.
    When each spouse feels centered and empowered the marriage benefits.

    If you are dealing with anxiety, phobias or panic attacks, your energy is spent on coming up with ways to cope. Using tools like thought stopping, distractions, and postponement, Tim can show you successful ways to manage these challenges. He will show you how to effectively deal with these problems, free up the energy they consume, and help you put that energy into your marriage.

    If you are suffering from depression, mood swings, grief or the lingering effects of a traumatic experience, Tim will show you the most effective theological skills to cope effectively.

    If you are having trouble adjusting to new circumstances, he will show you how to integrate spiritual change successfully into your life.


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